OG coach: “I almost left esports, but n0tail suddenly messaged me”

OG coach Ppasarel: I almost left esports, but n0tail suddenly messaged me

Cristian “ppasarel” Banaseanu, coach of OG, talked to Romanian esports news outlet, ProEsports about the story behind him ending up in the team while on the verge of giving up esports. The Dota 2 veteran and now a TI champion also mentioned how much players distanced themselves from each other at The International 2018.

The International 2018 team behavior

The most surprising thing at TI this year, was how much players from different teams avoided each other. At TI5 things were very different: every morning everybody had a breakfast together, sitting behind the same table. It was normal to just walk up to the guys from another teams and say: “Hi, what’s up?” There was at least a minimal communication. This time everybody were sitting by themselves.. Many had breakfasts alone. But when the tournament came to and end, everything went back to normal, the reshuffles! (laughs)

When we beat Evil Geniuses in the Winner’s Bracket, everybody lost their sleep. While we got very, very tired, adrenaline didn’t let is rest. I have a funny story about n0tail. Through the entirety of the event we shared a hotel room. At one point he started dreaming about winning TI, every night. In the morning he would wake up and open a browser first thing to check if that was a reality or a dream.

Starting the career and ending up in OG

When I was playing DotA 1, I noticed a young guy who, to be frank, played quite poorly, but he definitely had potential. There was something about him that suggested that he would sacrifice everything to become a pro. […] That guy was bOne7. I took him under my wing and taught everything I knew myself. […]

Years passed, I had to find a “real” job and that when Dota made it as the biggest esports title. BOne7 became a pro player and once invited me to become a coach before TI4. I had to decline that time. The situation repeated next year and I decided to go after all. […]

That’s how I met n0tail. As soon as I met him, I realized that this is the most serious player I have ever met. He was the person I would have agreed to work with on any condition. […]

After that I wasted a few years coaching teams that didn’t listen to me at all. […] I almost left esports, but then n0tail suddenly messaged me that he is looking for a coach. “Why not? I’m ready to waste two more weeks after wasting two empty years”, I decided. That’s how our TI fairy tale begun.

Ppasarel joined OG in July 2018. With his help, the team qualified to TI8 all the way through Open Qualifiers and ultimately won the event itself, cashing-in $11,234,158. OG decided to take a break at the beginning of the new season, skipping the first Major and Minor events.

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