Talent lineup for the Kuala Lumpur Major will feature PieLieDie

Talent lineup for the Kuala Lumpur Major will feature PieLieDie

With just a few weeks left until the Kuala Lumpur Major, PGL has now officially confirmed the on-air talent they will use for the event. While a lot of the names are familiar ones, there are a few newcomers.

The most notable “new” name is Johan “pieliedie” Åström. The Swedish support player has been bouncing around top tier teams for the last four years but was unable to find a new home after the previous iteration of Fnatic broke up. Hopefully pieliediecan provide us with some insight into the finer neuances of playing support, as Kyle “Kyle” Friedman did with the captain role when he transitioned into a talent.

We’ll also see Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner get some help with the production of filler pieces for the first time in ages. He’ll be joined by Lawrence “Malystryx” Phillips and Pinda “PindaPanda” Rika Dorji. Malystryx is not an unknown face to the Western audience and he’s most well-known for his role as “Lord Cucksworth” at the Kiev Major.

PindaPanda, on the other hand, is someone not as well known outside of SEA. However, if you want to look at what she’s done in the past, we strongly recommend you check out her hilarious “Dota 2 Pickup Lines” videos on YouTube, they feature a lot of pro-players!

Overall, the event will feature 25 of the best on-air talents the Dota 2 community has to offer. No one can be disappointed with this, the deepest talent lineup we’ve had outside of The International. So no matter if you’re a fan of RedEye, Sheever, Odpixel, Fogged, or TobiWan you should be happy with who they’ve chosen to work with.

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