Want to see how much you’ve spent on LoL? You can

Want to see how much you've spent on LoL? You can.
Ever wonder how much you’ve spent on Champions and skins over the years? Well, there’s a way you can see for yourself! Now, keep in mind that most of us have spent filthy amounts of money as time has passed, so you might want to not go rummaging around for that info, as it can be quite depressing. But on the flip-side, what’s done is done, and you may as well have some fun with it.

If you head through This Link you’ll be taken to Riot’s account information page, where you can see your name, ID, mail… And money spent. You can dig deeper too and see transaction history and the like, but that requires you to mail Riot and have their support walk you through it, due to the sensitive nature of the data. They need to be really sure that it’s your account.

Still, if you ever wondered how much money you’ve thrown at shiny new paint jobs for your favourite Champions, then this is how you see it. Whether you want to be reminded is another matter entirely.

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