Game Insight enlists ESL to launch Guns of Boom esports season

Game Insight enlists ESL to launch Guns of Boom esports season

Game Insight, the developer behind mobile game Guns of Boom, has teamed with ESL to forge an esports season for the title. Coming just a year after the game’s inception, this is just one of many mobile games that has launched an esports scene.

Commencing on June 9th, the season will be made up of open cups that lead to two tournaments in different continents. The season will have a $200,000 prize pool.

North American and European players who have reached level 22 in the game will be able to compete in the Go4 Open Cups hosted by ESL. From there, there will be a Guns of Boom European Invitational involving four teams in Katowice, Poland on July 29th. The season will culminate in Los Angeles with eight teams battling it out to win the lion’s share of the prize pool and to be crowned the Guns of Boom 1st Season Champions.

Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Game Insight had his say on this new venture:

From its very first day, Guns of Boom has been all about one thing: competition. After a year of refining the experience and working with leading members of the esports community, we’re finally ready to kick off our first major eSport season with ESL. Guns of Boom had a tremendous first year, reaching nearly 50 million players. Now let’s see how many of them are ready to go pro!

Nikita Sherman, Head of Strategy at Game Insight also discussed the development:

The growth in esports momentum is the most exciting thing to happen to video games in a decade. Even though much of the focus today is on PC and console, mobile esports is set to make a huge impact on the competitive landscape. We’re ecstatic to have found a partner in ESL who is ready to pioneer the early days of mobile esports with us, and that starts this summer with our $200,000 inaugural season for Guns of Boom.

Each game will be played on Guns of Boom’s PRO Play Mode, which was designed in partnership with esports teams to ensure the competitive experience is balanced and fair.

Image by: Game Insight

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