Ninja to battle against DrDisrespect for Streamer of the year award

Ninja to battle against DrDisrespect for Streamer of the year award
The Esports Awards returns for a third consequtive year. After a public nomination stage, the larger esports community has now been invited to vote for their favorite brands, players, personalities, and games in a total of 12 different categories.

The voting process has already started and the final score will be combined from two sources: the community and an expert panel. The Esports Awards describes the process on their website:

After the community vote closes, the finalist’s in 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the community vote are given points equating to 25% of the total vote weighting.

For the 14 person panel the community vote equates to 3.5 votes. Therefore, in each category 1st place receives 17 points, 2nd place receives 10 and 3rd place receives 3.

The points are then combined between the panel vote and the community vote and create the verified totals to decide the winners of the 2018 Esports Awards.

The panelists have been announced and include well known community figures such as Duncan “Thorin” Shields, Cristopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, Adam Apicella, Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere, and David “LD” Gorman.

If you’re curious about the categories, the more relevant ones — to esport players and fans — are:

  • Esports breakthrough game of the year
  • Esports game of the year
  • Esports coverage website of the year
  • Streaming platform of the year
  • Streamer of the year

The year’s biggest battle will surely happen in the streamer of the year category, where Fortnite streamer Ninja will face off with PUBG personality DrDisrespect. The doctor won the award last year, but that was before the release of Fornite and the meteoric rise of Ninja’s profile.

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