Team Vitality, Gaming Campus come together to open training facility

Team Vitality, Gaming Campus come together to open training facility

Team Vitality has entered a partnership with Gaming Campus to devise a career-long training program for its players. All of the players under Team Vitality will be put through one of three programs that will take place in the training facility.

Gaming Campus in an academic esports project that was put together to help students, and aspiring professionals, train for careers in esports. It has received private funding from numerous individuals, including co-founder of Apollo Group, Julie Lopizzo, and co-founder of Vivendi, Patrick Amiel.

This campus will be stationed in Lyon, France, and span 1,200 square meters. The three programs that will run there are: Gaming Business School: a management school that teaches students what they need to know to help obtain a career in the gaming industry. Gaming Academy: a program for those who want to play games professionally, training them in areas such as media skills and business development. Gaming Guru: a coaching service that pits professional players with those who want to improve.

“Like any high level sport, some careers are successful and others less so. As a professional sports practice, esport is no exception to the rule,” said Fabien Devide, President of Team Vitality. “It is therefore essential to offer athletes a pedagogical framework to improve their daily performance and allow them to bounce back to pursue the practice of their passion in other professional settings. Team Vitality is proud to be a forerunner in this field and delighted to be associated with the Gaming Academy, which shares the same vision.”

Team Vitality will be a part of the selection committee for potential students of the Gaming Academy, where 10 students will be picked for the inaugural course that commences in October 2018.

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